Tuesday, June 9, 2015

End of Classes Party Time Award Ideas !

End of the year...

Having a party....

What to do as a class?........

....Give out awards..here is a list of 16 possible ideas.

  1. The Oprah Award – given to a student who loved to be the microphone holder and facilitator during our classroom presentations.
  2. The R.L. Stine Award – for the student who devoured the most Goosebumps books.
  3. Einstein Award – given to a person who loves science.
  4. Thomas Edison Award – given to someone who loves to investigate or invent things.
  5. Emily Post Award or Miss Manners Award – for a girl with impeccable manners.
  6. Mister Manners Award – for a boy with impeccable manners.
  7. The Harry Potter Award – given to the person who always gets into scrapes.
  8. The Thinker Award – for the problem solver in the class.
  9. Nobel Peace Prize Award – for a peacekeeper. At our school they are conflict managers.
  10. Peace Corps Award – another peacekeeper award.
  11. Speedy McSpeedster Award – for the person who always finishes work fast.
  12. Good and Plenty Award – for reading plenty of good books.
  13. Almond Joy Award – for always bringing joy into the classroom.
  14. Three Musketeers Award – given to someone who is a good friend.
  15. The Snickers Award – for the student who is the class clown. (There is one in every class.)
  16. The Timex Award – for the student who always watches the clock and keeps us on schedule.
courtesy of http://teacherwriter.net/2009/05/26/year-end-awards-for-the-classroom/

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